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Liberty Doors, Inc. has you covered when it comes to contract hardware. Our commercial door pros know the business inside and out and can help you get what you need, when you need it. Our industry knowledge and delivering the best results for our customers is what sets us apart from the rest.

We can supply any type of lock/lockset, door closer, door opener, access control, exit devices, hinges, weatherstripping, threshold or miscellaneous hardware & flat goods.

Quality, dependability and the best service you’ll find anywhere. That’s what you get with Liberty Doors.

Commercial Door Locks / Locksets

Locks are intended to control access to a business, commercial or residential building. There are several different types of commercial door locks and they all have their pros and cons. Some are easier to use than others, some are more secure than others, and some are less expensive than others. Here is a brief description of each.

  • Deadbolt: The deadbolt is the most secure commercial door lock. It uses a long bolt which extends into the door frame to prevent the door from opening. The bolt can be locked into place by turning the knob. To release the bolt, you turn the knob in the opposite direction.
  • Panic Bar: Emergency door exits, such as panic bars, are used on emergency exit doors in commercial buildings. Panic bar locks doors are designed to allow quick exit if panic is a possibility. They have easy-open bars and may be opened with a touchpad.
  • Lever Handle: Lever handle locks are usually used to secure small access areas. These are commonly found in hotels and restaurants. They use a lever handle to unlock the door.
  • Keyless Entry: This technology uses an electronic keypad to enter and exit. The person entering or leaving must press a button on the keypad to activate the lock. Other types of keyless entry use a fob or programable keycards to activate the keyless entry lock.

Liberty Doors, Inc. supplies commercial door locks from the most trusted names in the business. Whether you need a single lockset or hundreds, we can handle the job. Talk to one of our contract hardware specialists today and get the right locks for your application.

Deadbolt door lock

Deadbolt Door Lock

keycard lock

Keycard Lock

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Door Openers | Door Closers

Commercial door openers and door closers are a vital component of any commercial business, office building, or retail establishment. They are designed to open and close doors smoothly, silently, and efficiently.

These devices can be used in a variety of applications such as loading docks, garage doors, and more. They can be operated remotely or manually but are generally controlled via a keypad and/or motion sensor.

Electronic door closers are popular because they can be programmed to perform specific actions upon the opening or closing of the door. Some door closers are also equipped with sensors to monitor the door when it is opened or closed and will trigger a door alarm system when someone enters or exits without permission.

In addition to providing convenience and security, commercial door openers and door closers also allow businesses to monitor the movement of the doors on a daily basis, helping to ensure that they’re being properly maintained.

Falcon Door Closer

Falcon Door Closer

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Door Hinges | Continuous Hinges

Liberty Doors, Inc. has the hinges you need for commercial door installation needs. We have a broad variety of continuous hinges and door hinges. These are standard size hinge kits that are used for doors up to 24 inches wide.



Security Solutions

Commercial Door Electronic Security Hardware is an evolving market, driven by the increasing sophistication of criminal acts and the increased cost of securing a building.

In today’s environment, there are more opportunities for a potential intruder than ever before. Physical security is increasingly viewed as an easy target. In a recent survey, 80% of respondents cited the ease with which criminals can gain entry into their businesses as a primary deterrent to physical security investments.

The good news for security professionals is that the number of new access control solutions hitting the market continues to grow. And the quality of those solutions has improved dramatically over the past few years. So what are the trends you need to keep an eye on?

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in access control solutions.
  • More access control solutions are incorporating biometric authentication features.
  • Many access control solutions are now incorporating blockchain technology.
  • More access control solutions are now incorporating mobile app features.

Liberty Doors, Inc. can equip you with systems from the top brands such as Von Duprin, Detex, Alarm Lock, and Securitron.

Our experienced technicians can help you determine the best option for your application.

Deadbolt door lock

Detex Panic Alarm

Deadbolt door lock

Alarm Lock Door Alarm

Alarm Lock
Von Duprin

Weatherstripping & Thresholds

Weatherstripping and thresholds are important components of any door and entry system. They help keep moisture and pests out of your home or office. They are also helpful in controlling air flow between your inside and outside environment. Weatherstripping, door thresholds, and thresholds in general are an integral component of the door system’s weather resistance.

A threshold is a structure that forms the transition between an opening into the building and the outdoors.

Weatherstripping is a thin layer of material that is placed in the gap between a door and its frame. A weatherstrip usually is installed over a threshold. The purpose of weatherstripping is to seal and insulate the space between the door and the frame.

Let our pros get you set up with the best weatherstripping and threshold products on the market.



Flat Goods

Liberty Doors, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of commercial door hardware, commercial locks, locksmith supplies, and various other flat goods. Our door hardware line is complete with commercial hardware, including interior and exterior hinges, cabinet and drawer pulls, window hardware, fireproofing, commercial hardware, commercial locks, and many other items. Call or stop by today to see what we can do for you.

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