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Doors are an important consideration for Iowa commercial buildings.  Not only do they serve as the main entrance to a building, but the door is the first thing visitors see when they visit your building.

We supply doors from the top names in the business including Republic, Steelcraft, Masonite, Oshkosh and Chapel.

If you need something not quite so standard, we can custom build to your specifications. Our fab shop is equipped to handle any custom build project you can come up with.

Our fabricators are experienced and know how to manufacture exactly the custom door frames your need. We use the best shop equipment and jigs to ensure a perfect result – every time!

Don’t trust your commercial door and frame needs to anyone else.


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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal doors have been around for over a century and continue to be popular. There are many benefits to choosing a hollow metal door or frame over other materials like wood and glass. Hollow Metal Doors are popular because they provide excellent strength, durability, security, and are relatively inexpensive to maintain.

Hollow metal doors and frames are a great choice for commercial door applications. They are strong, lightweight, and easy to install. They’re also easy to customize, which makes them ideal for businesses looking to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Metal doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. They are also highly customizable, giving you the option to choose the finish and hardware that best suits your business and the client needs. There are many choices to consider when selecting a metal door for your project, so be sure to take time to review your options.

Wood Doors

Architectural wood doors have been around since medieval times, and today, they are still a common and popular way to protect the entrances of residential and commercial properties.

The popularity of wooden doors in commercial buildings comes from their durability and low maintenance costs. A high proportion of wooden doors are made from the finest grade timbers and finished to an exceptional standard.

Architectural wood doors are the classic choice for projects where you want to add an elegant, timeless feel. They’re also known for their ability to withstand all weather conditions while providing a high level of security against break-ins. In short, they’re a great option for homes, businesses, and properties of all sizes and types.

We carry a full line of architectural wood doors from the most trusted names in the business. Our doors are built to last!

Glass Doors

Some applications where you would use a glass entry door include:

– Commercial buildings, apartments, etc.

– High-security environments

– Warehouses, retail stores, etc.

– Industrial buildings

– Retail stores

– Public buildings

– Medical facilities

– Manufacturing facilities


Glass doors are a great choice for use in commercial applications. A glass door can provide a very durable barrier between you and your customer. They’re easy to clean, maintain, and can withstand a lot of abuse.

While the cost of glass doors can seem like a large investment, you can easily recoup those costs by reducing maintenance needs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Professional Installation Service

If you are in need of commercial door installation, then look no further.

Liberty Doors, Inc. has been supplying and installing commercial doors and frames since 1972. We’re dedicated to delivering the best quality installations. Our experienced installation team makes sure that the products you have chosen are properly installed and work just as they are designed to.

Get in touch with Liberty Doors, Inc. to find out more about our installation service.


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Regardless of the type or style of door you need, we can meet your needs. Any quantity. Any door. Any time. Anywhere. Talk to any of the pros at Liberty Doors, Inc. and let us help you get your commercial doors up to speed! We have the expertise, the experience, and the resources to get your commercial door project going.

As a trusted provider of commercial doors in Iowa, we provide a variety of services ranging from professional commercial door consultations to custom fabrication services. Our commercial doors can be customized with glass options, hardware options, and color choices.

We can also assist you with your commercial door project by providing an estimate and helping to coordinate your project.

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